• DATE: 05. - 07. AUGUST 2016




Sadly we have decided that there will be no second edition of the SALOMON Alpen X 100 powered by Ledlenser in 2017.

Thanks to everyone that supported us and the premiere this year…we would have loved to continue this trail over the Alps with you!




You can check the results of the SALOMON ALPEN X 100 powered by LEDLENSER from Seefeld/Steinach/Gossensass to Brixen here.


THURSDAY 04/08/2016

05:00 to 07:00 pm Registration “Happy Hour” in Seefeld

FRIDAY 05/08/2016

09:00 am to 09:00 pm Registration in Seefeld (room Tyrol in the sports and congress centre, 6100 Seefeld in Tyrol, Austria)
12:00 pm to 10:00 pm Expo in Seefeld, Austria
From 01:00 pm Pasta Party in Seefeld (room Olympia in the sports and congress centre, 6100 Seefeld in Tyrol, Austria)
10:00 am to 07:00 pm Registration in Steinach am Brenner
10:00 am to 07:00 pm Registration in Gossensass
From 05:30 pm Pasta Party in Steinach am Brenner and Gossensass
06:00 pm Welcome reception and course briefing in Steinach am Brenner
7:00 pm Welcome reception and course briefing in Seefeld ALPEN X 100 mi distance
07:30 pm Welcome reception and course briefing in Gossensass
10:00 pm Start Seefeld: ALPEN X 100 100 mi | 160 km

SATURDAY 06/08/2016

05:00 to 06:00 am Registration in Gossensass
06:00 to 07:00 am Registration in Steinach am Brenner
07:00 am Start ALPEN X 100 | GOSSENSASS |
08:00 am Start ALPEN X 100 | STEINACH |
From 12:00 pm Expo in Brixen, Italy (cathedral square)
From 02:30 pm Finisher arrivals ALPEN X 100 | GOSSENSASS |
From 06:45 pm Finisher arrivals ALPEN X 100 | SEEFELD |100 miles
From 07:10 pm Finisher arrivals ALPEN X 100 | STEINACH |
06:00 pm Awards ceremonies ALPEN X 100 | GOSSENSASS |

SONNTAG 07/08/2016

9:00 am Expo in Brixen at the Domplatz
10:15 am Awards ceremonies ALPEN X 100 | SEEFELD | 100 mi & ALPEN X 100 | STEINACH |
11:00 am Finish closing ALPEN X 100 | STEINACH |
Continuous: Finisher arrivals ALPEN X 100 | SEEFELD | 100 mi & ALPEN X 100 | STEINACH |
09:00 pm Finish closing ALPEN X 100 | SEEFELD | 100 mi


Der SALOMON ALPEN X 100 powered by LEDLENSER is a single trail run in the Alps. Portions of the courses of the SALOMON ALPEN X 100 powered by LEDLENSER include high alpine trails passages demanding particular experience and skill of the participants.

It is mandatory to carry the following equipment during the entire competition:

  • trail running shoes with a tread that is suitable for running in alpine terrain
  • Labeling of a competitor’s food / beverage supplies by the individual’s start number
  • Foul-weather gear for protection from the elements (as a minimum water-proof rain coat)
  • Warm clothing (long-sleeved shirt and running pants) as insulating layers underneath the rain gear (in case of bad weather conditions which may set in suddenly in high mountain territory); basic rule: it is not allowed to see any skin!
  • Gloves and a warm hat
  • Functioning headlamp and replacement batteries
  • X-Mug to get drinks at the food stations
  • Water tank containing at least 1,5 liters
  • Emergency kit (1x sterile dressing 4”x4”, 2x field dressing, 2x sterile gloves, 1x triangular bandage, 4x band-aids 1x emergency whistle, blister pads, rescue blanket)
  • GPX watch with complete course data saved to memory, alternatively: the printed course map(s) and elevation profile (issued at registration on race date)
  • Running Back pack
  • Mobile phone with Medical Crew Number saved in its address book to be able to make emergency calls (it must be made sure that the phone can make calls from within Austria as well)

Also recommended: sun screen, fatty cream against chafing, additional supply of own food and beverages, blister tapes.

The race organizers will perform random checks prior to the race start and at various check points on whether the aforementioned mandatory equipment/clothing is indeed being carried along. If mandatory equipment were to be missing, the participant in question will get time penalty or will be disqualified from the race.

Medical Crew

The number of the MEDICAL DISTRESS-HOTLINE is listed – among other places – on all course maps and the rear of the start number which competitors are issued by the the race organizers upon registration. If, for whatever reason, the MEDICAL DISTRESS-HOTLINE was not to answer your call, racers are advised to dial – without undue delay – the general emergency number (EMERGENCY CALL NUMBER Europe wide: 112).

What to do in case of an emergency?

  • Stay calm
  • Call the MEDICAL DISTRESS-HOTLINE: +49 151 55010148 (must be saved to your mobile phone)! If this number was unavailable, dial the official emergency number for rescue services of the country you’re in. In this case, you person placing the call would be the contact for further consultation unless the information needed to be relayed to the race organizers and or MEDICAL CREW.
  • Provide detailed information on your location, your start number and your phone contact
  • Do not leave your location unless you’re in imminent danger. If you need to do so, inform MEDICAL CREW or the rescue services you summoned
  • If unable to make an emergency call yourself, please inform other runners so they can either call for you or recruit help from nearby trail monitors or other race personnel.
  • After the circumstances and gravity of your injury have been clarified by the rescue operations dispatcher, appropriate help and level of care will be summoned.
  • Arrangements may differ from the aforementioned protocol in cases of relatively minor injuries


0049 151 550 101 48




Make the most out of your run: With the support of professional physiotherapists – the Outdoor-Physio Team! After a successful finish,  we will take care of your regeneration, flow of lymph and everything possible to recover your body as fast as possible. The regeneration time will be accelerated through faster transportation of metabolic waste products and activation of your circulatory system. Sore muscles and other fatigue don’t have a chance like this and your body gets the needed “cool-down” after such an effort.
We are looking forward to seeing you!

We massage/tape/treat:

  • On the day of the registration in all three start places
  • From early afternoon/evening throughout the entire night and in the early morning hours in Brixen
  • With individual massage technics followed by a personal consultation

Registration and more information can be found on our Outdoor-Physio HOMEPAGE.


The event expo showcases the most fashionable and popular brandnames in the “Running and Outdoor” industry with many merchandise highlights and new product releases. Competitors and visitors of the 1st SALOMON ALPEN X 100 powered by LEDLENSER have the opportunity to test a variety of products in the context of the race event. The Expo-Area is located close to the start in Seefeld, Austria, on Friday, 05. Aug. 2016 and nearby the finish area in Brixen, Italy, on Saturday / Sunday, 06th and 7th Aug. 2016, respectively.

Would you like to join the event premiere as an exhibitor? We look forward to receiving your EXPO registration.


Hereinafter you will find useful advice on sports nutrition provided by our partner PowerBar, to make sure that you are properly prepared for the SALOMON ALPEN X 100 powered by LEDLENSER.

  • PowerBar Nutrition Blog

    How do I eat right before a competition? Why is the right protein quality essential for muscle buildup? What do ultra-trail athletes eat before their races? Our nutrition blog supplies you with useful pieces of information and advice on proper sports nutrition. Our experts want to help you become stronger than you think.

  • PowerBar Nutrition Coach

    Successful with the right nutrition strategy. PowerBar’s Nutrition Coach provides a detailed guideline for a success oriented nutrition while trail running.

  • The nutrition ABC provided by PowerBar

    PowerBar provides a wide range of products, which all have a different purpose of usage. But what are amino acids? Our nutrition ABC supplies you with more details on ingredients, food components and usage. The range reaches from amino acid to zink.

  • FAQs answered by PowerBar experts

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Please contact the start / finish communities and their respective tourist information offices for assistance in finding the accommodation that suits your needs.

Olympiaregion Seefeld

Tourist Information Seefeld
Klosterstraße 43
A-6100 Seefeld
telephone.: +435088050
fax: +435088051
e-mail: info@seefeld.com

Steinach am Brenner

Tourist Information Wipptal / head  office
Brennerstraße 67
A-6150 Steinach
telephone: + 43 5272 6270
fax: + 43 5272 2110
e-mail: tourismus@wipptal.at


Tourist Information Gossensass
Ibsenplatz 2
39041 Brenner | Südtirol/Italy
telephone: +39 0472 632 372
fax +39 0472 632 580
e-mail: info@gossensass.org


Tourist Information Brixen
Regensburger Allee 9
39042 Brixen, Italien
telephone: +39 0472 836401
e-mail: info@brixen.org


The photographers of  Sportograf will be on the course and in the finish to ensure you some amazing pictures of you during the event. Please make sure to wear your bib visible as this makes it one the one hand easier for you to get pictures according to your bib and on the other hand makes the job for Sportograf easier as well.

You can add your name and bib to the reminder service of Sportograf HERE so they will notify you once the pics are online.

Training by Philipp Reiter

Every body is different and reacts individual on training stimuluses  as everybody has several preferences. A good relationship to your body is fundamental to enjoy the exercise lastingly, to run without severe injuries throughout the season, to stay motivated while still having fun when you prepare for your own running highlights. Your body enables you perform on a high level so take care of him, listen to your inner voice and do not work against him. I am not a nutrition expert, studied sports scientist or qualified trainer but my hints and tricks are mainly based on my own experiences, chats with other runners and the principles “learning by doing” and “try and error”.

Philipp Reiter
Day of the weekTypePhysical strainIntensity
MONDAYRest day: recovery from the long training units over the weekend (sauna, stretching, massage, wellness)nonenone
TUESDAYEasy endurance run – profiledmiddlemiddle
WEDNESDAYInterval training, sprints, hill repeats, running tracksmiddlevery high
THURSDAYEasy endurance run & strength training/coordination training/stabilisation traininglow & lowlow & middle
FRIDAYAlternative training (cycling, skating, climbing…) & stretchinglowlow
Long endurance runs to get the body used to the competition strains. If saturday was intense you may fit in a shorter unit on sunday or do alternative training. highmiddle